• Not so fast Google (maps)

    Not so fast Google (maps)

    There is no question that if you need to find the fastest route between two points, Google Maps revolutionized the way people search for and receive directions. You don't even need an address anymore. If you can roughly spell the name of the destination, Google [...]

  • From hostel to guesthouse

    From hostel to guesthouse

    Apparently Penang has origins in gold. Lots of goldsmith shops, and lots of families with heritage in goldsmithing. That's the story behind the guesthouse I chose in Penang. I'm trying to limit my lavish lodging stays in favor of simpler, more local establishments. I can [...]

  • The Storm Before the Calm

    The Storm Before the Calm

    Isn't it funny that no matter how much you plan, you always seem to be an a panicked frenzy at the 11th hour? I guess the monsoon that bowled through Houston today didn't help the cause. Everything was closed. The banks. The pharmacy. Even the [...]

Death of the… travel edition.

There are two things that used to be a staple to international travel, both of [...]

50,000 Dong. What it isn’t good for.

I hate to haggle. I don’t think “haggle” should be confused with “bargain” or “negotiate”, [...]

Tips on transit in Southeast Asia

I haven't been in SE Asia long, and I knew that transportation wouldn't be on [...]

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