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You may be wondering about photography, travel, or just have a general question. Take a look below or feel free to reach out!

It really depends. When time and money are both considerations, I tend to plan further ahead (2-4 months out). If my schedule is flexible, I keep tabs on flight deals to destinations I want to visit. In that case, I could be less than 3 weeks, but I generally have an idea of what I’d like to see and do in those spots.
So far, my top 2 destinations have been Dublin and Barcelona. I’d return to Dublin for sure, but extend my trip to the west coast as well. I found the people super hospitable, the food fantastic, and the culture simply lively and energetic.
I don’t want to start camera brand wars here, but I bought into Canon’s world early in my photography “career”, so I shoot Canon. More importantly, I still shoot mostly DSLR (currently full frame with the 5DMII and 6D). I have a suite of lenses to choose from. I usually travel with a general purpose lens (16-35 F4L or 24-105 F4L) plus one prime, which I love for image sharpness, speed, and creativity (having to actually compose your shot rather than zooming in an out on the lens). I tend to like the F4 zoom lenses for the size and portability. 2.8 is great if you need that extra stop, but the lenses are big and heavy.

For trips where photography is priority, I’ll travel with more gear (travel tripods, flashes, remote shutter releases) and more lens options (telephoto zooms, more primes, macros, etc.). Most importantly, pack for what you plan to shoot. This can be hard if you plan to experience a combination of city + nature. Generally, with the megapixel horsepower that exists today, I’ve been erring on the wide side of the FOV spectrum and cropping in if I must.

I am, however, dipping my toes into new waters as I write this. I’m testing out a new full frame mirrorless kit with 2 lenses. I’m traveling super light–no tripod, 3 batteries, and a few straps to secure the camera to my person. I’ll report back on the experience…

Is this too obvious or silly? If you can’t tell by the rest of the site, it’s addicting, and an amazing habit to form (albeit a potentially expensive one, but if you have more time than funds, there are plenty resources out there to help you travel on a shoestring).

I pose the question because for those that haven’t traveled, it may seem daunting. It can be in the beginning, but once you’re feet are on the ground in a new land, you may quickly experience how naturally things come. With general preparedness and common sense, it’s well worth the effort.