Project Description

Costa Rica can be a fantastic quick tropical getaway for those in the lower 48. With a major international airport (San Jose), decent infrastructure, and plentiful resorts, you could be on a beach or in the wilderness in no time.

While I didn’t stay in the city, I understand that San Jose is a remarkable historic town with deeply engrained heritage. Instead, I transited straight to the west cost of the country where I split time between lounging on the beach and floating a river through the jungle… which was coincidentally the highlight of the trip. It’s almost surreal to see wildlife… in the wild. What a novel concept. I actually tasted a termite during one of the jungle treks! If you actually thought about what it may taste like, it may not be a surprise that they inherit the flavor of whatever wood they’re consuming.

If you love the beach and wildlife, a week long respite (or more) is completely fathomable, but it’s equally reasonable as a long weekend too.